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by | Apr 24, 2021 | Business, Community

Logan City’s very own sustainable farm

Mayor Darren Power at the sustainable farm cook off.

Mayor Darren Power paid a visit to a sustainable farm in Logan City, where there was a sustainable cook off to showcase all of the delicious local produce.

Doreen Jachmann and her partner Jamie run Bloomfield’s Fam, a 5 acre ‘land for wildlife’ property in Jimboomba.

“The area, known to be in a rain shadow, receives a lot less average annual rainfall than the greater Brisbane region,” Ms Jachmann said.

“We’re implementing a permaculture design whilst still working full-time jobs, with the aim to be off grid and more self-sufficient. We apply different regenerative planting and management techniques, from Holistic management to Permaculture.

“We have an abundance of native trees and shrubs, different perennial growing systems, water harvesting earthworks, zero waste nursery, worm farm, a grey water garden, and wicking beds. We also raise and harvest on-site our own ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens and pigs, and utilise hot and cold smokers. On the property are several native and European honeybee hives.

Food from the sustainable farm cook off. (Photo used with permission).

“We run different workshops on the topic of self-sufficiency, facilitate external workshops and provide food growing one on one coaching.”

Ms Jachmann founded Permaculture Connect in 2019.

“Permaculture Connect is a group that shares interest in sustainable property design and living a more self-sufficient life. Permaculture Connect is a community resilience builder that run monthly free events,” she said.

Food from the sustainable farm cook off. (Photo used with permission).

Every year Bloomfield’s Farm hosts the Sustainable Cook-off for Permaculture Connect.

“We celebrate sustainable living and what it’s all about feeding our bodies with healthy, organic, homegrown food,” Ms Jachmann said.

  • Two teams have a cook-off (3 teams next year). All the ingredients have to be grown by the contestants or sourced locally.
  • Each participant has to bring 3 food and or drink items.
  • The kitchen is a outdoor kitchen all staple ingredients will be provided – spices, oil, butter flour….
  • Rules of the game are that we form 2 teams. Each team has a chef cook.
  • Both chefs pick their team members at alternate times. People that are not cooking will be the support.

Food from the sustainable farm cook off. (Photo used with permission).

  • Each team cooks one main dish within an hour.
  • The two dishes will be judged by a minimum 3 person jury panel.
  • The winning team will get bragging rights for months to come and a price.

This year, Logan City Mayor Darren Power attended the cook off event.

He said it was a ‘terrific afternoon’.

“Two teams cooked with home grown, organic produce to create the most amazing taste sensations,” Mayor Power said.

“I mean who would have thought a salad made from dragon fruit, onion, coriander and panama berries would be so delicious…and I had never even heard of an air potato (a black potato, grown on a vine, in the air).

Food from the sustainable farm cook off. (Photo used with permission).

“The flavour combinations were truly sensational and the like I have never tasted before.

“Doreen and Jamie do an amazing job and have created their own piece of organic, sustainable paradise, which they graciously share with their community. The farm hosts regular sustainable education workshops, open days, as well as other events like the one today.

“If you are looking to learn more about sustainable living, these two are your go to with incredible knowledge that they are more than willing to share.”

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