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by | Sep 11, 2021 | Business, Community

Bank’s return proves popular

Did the banks cut back too much and close too many local branches?

It seems there’s at least one bank that’s reversing the trend and is making a return to Logan City.

Which Bank? 

– No, not that one!

It’s the N.A.B. which recently opened a branch at the Logan Hyperdome.

By all accounts, it’s proving to be a popular move.

CBA’s recent closure caused controversy

Other outlets to pull out of Logan City include the ANZ, St George and C-U-A.  

As recently reported by My News Feed, the Commonwealth recently and controversially closed its local branch at Logan Central Plaza, deemed by one Logan City Councillor as “A sneaky move by the CBA CEO”.

Mayor Darren Power described the move as “A disgraceful effort by the Commonwealth Bank”

While the opening of the NAB branch at the Hyperdome has been welcomed,  customers have complained about long lines to see a teller,  which ofcourse may be seen as a good thing in the eyes of the banks that want to be seen as caring for the community.


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