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Karen Murphy, Councillor for Division 12, sat down with My News Feed Logan at Club Beenleigh this week for the 1st in our series of Beyond the Desk with Joel Hall.

Councillor Murphy was elected in 2020 after a 15 year career in the real estate industry as a licenced real estate agency. Married with two adult children, Karen Murphy has lived and worked in Logan since 1989.

As we found out, in our interview, there’s a deep commitment to the local community, particularly the Beenleigh area. Karen works tirelessly with the local business community and local charity organisations.

Beyond the Desk is a series of interviews with the people who manage Logan City, the people we put in charge of the decision making process. We only often see the public face of these people, so BEYOND THE DESK takes the person away from the desk and delves more deeply into what makes them tick.

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