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by | Jan 14, 2022 | Community, Health, Scenic Rim

Beaudesert paramedic on the frontline

A Beaudesert paramedic is proud to serve her community on the frontline, no matter how big or small the job is.  

Rhiannon Yates has worked as a paramedic for almost five years, commencing her graduate program at Beenleigh Station before making the move slightly south to Beaudesert.

She started out as a paramedic in New South Wales before moving to the sunshine state and also has a Bachelor of Science specialising in Molecular Biology and Microbiology.

Ms Yates says her first experience with an ambulance was when she was just 10-years-old.

“I was involved in a car accident and was taken to hospital.


“I always remember how scared I was and how the paramedics were so reassuring.


“I decided then that I wanted to be there for other people’s families the same way they were there for me and mine.”

Now the Advanced Care Paramedic loves that no job and no day is the same in her role.

“You walk into someone’s house when they are at their worst and can make their day one hundred times better with a smile, joke and a positive attitude.


“I love making young kids laugh and smile and giving them a good experience with emergency services when they might be terrified.”

Ms Yates says while the clinically challenging jobs are always rewarding, it’s the smaller jobs that always stick out in her mind.

“They’re more frequent and make up the bulk of our work.


“Recently we helped a young girl through an anxiety attack after a traumatic experience.


“Spending time chatting to her, distracting her, and understanding how she was feeling makes my job feel worthwhile.


“Having her say we were now friends and thanking me was amazing and makes you feel like you have truly had a positive impact.”

Ms Yates says one of the highlights with her job is the team.

“Working in such close proximity as we do, your colleagues become your second family.


“We wouldn’t be able to do our jobs without our teal family.”

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