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by | Jun 29, 2022 | Business, Community, Social

How to play squash in Logan

I did not expect to enjoy the sport of squash as much as I did.


That’s the bald truth of it.


But, after exiting the Daisy Hill Squash and Racquet Club last Saturday afternoon, I can safely say that my expectations were surpassed.


After 12 games against players representing businesses in Logan, I found that the sport was one that is easy to pick up and healthy for your cardiovascular system.


Given that you are standing next to your opponent, both facing a wall, it also gives you lots of chances to socialise with your opponent as well


Squash is also a sport that used to be played in large numbers across Australia. There used to be nine different squash clubs in Logan, and the sport was popular with the youth of Australia in the 1950 and 60s.


That number includes my grandfather. He grew up playing squash in Gympie, before moving into work with his bank in Brisbane, where he and his co-workers at the Wynnum branch of the National Australia Bank entered a side in the then grade competition, progressing up two divisions, before work took him out of town.


Learning squash enabled him to teach me the basics of the sport, such as landing a serve near the corner of the wall, and positioning yourself in the centre of the court.


Squash is a growing sport in Logan. The corporate event showcased the strengths of the Daisy Hill club in particular, with a martial arts program for the kids, and strong social connections across the greater South-East Queensland region, with a few members even coming south from New South Wales. 


The club is one of the largest in the state with almost a thousand members.


Squash is a sport for all ages. My team, representing the Rebel FM Rocks station, comprised myself, representing the company and three ring-ins from the club, a 10-year old, Lucas, Australia’s No.1 junior, Josh, and a club member, Simon, who had been playing squash for decades.


I even got to play against Lucas’s hitting partner’s mum, who only really plays the sport because of her son. Of course, she beat me comfortably. 


Squash is a sport that is popular internationally. The club owner, Brad, represented Malta at the Commonwealth Games, and played professionally in Europe against opponents from across the world. 


In conclusion, squash is a sport that’s definitely worth playing and one that helps your physical and mental health. 

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