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by | Oct 1, 2020 | Community, Education, Social

How your RSPCA donation can have four times the impact

When you give $1 to RSPCA today, $4 goes towards saving animals like Poppy and her puppies.

When RSPCA Inspectors found Poppy, her condition was heartbreaking.

It’s hard to believe that Poppy still had the energy to stand upright, Inspectors noted her ribs, hips and spine were protruding from her skin.

RSPCA: Poppy’s when she was found

Despite being hungry and suffering herself, Poppy was providing everything she could for her pups.

Today your donation can have four times the impact with every dollar donated being quadrupled.

When you Give to Get them Home, you’re saving animals like Poppy and her puppies from dire situations.

Thanks to Poppy’s incredible care for her puppies, they were all able to be rehomed once they reached an appropriate weight and were given the all clear by our vets.

RSPCA: Poppy now

All seven pups have since gone on to find adoring families. But Poppy is still in RSPCA care, recovering from her emaciated state, heartworm, hookworm, and a skin allergy.

It’s been months, but Poppy is brighter, happier and absolutely loving her life with her foster carers, Lou and Ryan as she continues her road to recovery.

Poppy’s case is still underway.

You can help save lives like Poppy’s with a donation with four times the impact today: Give To Get Them Home or call 1300 770 590

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