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by | Jul 26, 2022 | Community, Social

Logan boy needs you help to get life changing surgery

Sarah and David Torti from Shailer Park are desperately trying to raise enough money to take their three and a half year old son to the United States for life changing surgery that can’t be done in Australia.

Roman Torti has spastic diplegia cerebral palsy which means he is currently unable to stand without holding onto something, cannot walk unaided, cannot run or jump, and cannot do many of the basic self-care activities that most people can do.

Cerebral Palsy is when the brain is injured and causes muscles to become permanently and painfully tight and constricted.

Sarah says her son is leading a miserable life because of his affliction.

The Torti’s have so far raised around $33,000 through family and friends but they need around another $90,000 for the surgery by January next year.

Renowned American surgeon Dr TS Park who operates from the St Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri is the man who will be performing the surgery.

Called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) It helps children just like Roman gain further independence and mobility.

It’s a delicate spinal procedure where the affected nerves are cut to permanently reduce the spasticity.

Sarah believes the outcome will greatly improve Roman’s life.

You can help Roman change his life for the better through the Gofundme link below or with a direct bank deposit.

Gofundme: (digital link)Fundraiser by Sarah And Dave Torti : Help Roman walk, run, and jump! (

Direct deposit: BSB 484-799 , ACCT 609834800


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