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by | Sep 12, 2021 | Business, Community, Political

More charging stations in Forde

The Federal Government is installing additional charging stations across parts of the Forde electorate for those who use electric or hybrid vehicles.

It’s part of the Commonwealth’s “Future Fuels” fund to help accelerate the rollout of charging stations across select regions

Forde MP Bert Van Manen says it’s important we embrace changing technologies in transportation….

Interview with MP Bert Van Manen


“It is important that as the industry works to make electric technology more affordable that we ensure we have the infrastructure in place that encourages and empowers the consumers in Forde to switch to new fuel technologies with confidence,” Mr van Manen said. 

“The Morrison Government has already committed over $1.4 billion to help increase the uptake of low and zero emissions vehicle technologies, including through the Future Fuels Fund.”

More information on the Future Fuels Fund are available at

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