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by | Jul 22, 2022 | Community, Social

Water health programs clear rubbish from Logan waterways

Logan City Council is supporting three vital programs to improve the health of local waterways. 

A 20-year long initiative between Council and Healthy Land and Water (HLW) is drastically reducing the number of single-use plastic bottles and cans in the Logan and Albert rivers. 

Council also works with social enterprise Substation 33 to have clean-up  crews collect rubbish along Slacks and Scrubby creeks. 

Crews collect the items from the water and riverbanks, and record data on  what is being collected. 

City of Logan Mayor Darren Power says the work has led to a boost in river  and creek health. 

“Council understands the importance of dedicated and ongoing clean-ups  across our waterways and natural areas. ” 


“The benefits, both for the waterways and our city, are obvious.” 

Council is also funding a local river clean-up by Brisbane-based Ocean Crusaders. 

(City of Logan Mayor Darren Power meets Ocean Crusaders  volunteers as they continue to boost river health.) 

Their volunteer-driven program is assisting flood recovery efforts by  collecting larger items that were washed into the Logan and Albert rivers  during the severe weather in February and March. 

Collected items include tyres, plastic pipes and steel and timber from  pontoons and jetties. 

Cr Power has praised the volunteers’ efforts. 

“Ocean Crusaders volunteers are doing a remarkable job by helping to  restore the health of our local waterways.” 

Supporting the three river clean-ups complement  environmental initiatives announced earlier this month as part of Council’s ‘Building on today for a  brighter tomorrow’ budget. 

Initiatives funded by the Environmental Levy include the Logan and Albert River Visions, which are 50-year plans to support the health of the city’s  two major waterways. 

Council will also continue its campaign to achieve net zero by the end of  this year and retain certified carbon neutrality status. 


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