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by | Nov 17, 2021 | Community

John Paul College Class of 2021 chooses Red Rose Foundation Red Bench as its parting gift to school

Red Rose Foundation Red Bench

On Monday, Daisy Hill’s John Paul College Grade 12 Class of 2021 gifted a Red Rose Foundation Red Bench as its parting gift to the school.

Each year, the Year 12 cohort buy a parting gift for the College and this year, when brainstorming ideas, one of the students had seen a Red Bench in a local park and proposed the idea to support the Red Rose Foundation.

The Red Rose Foundation is a national not-for-profit charity working to end domestic violence across local communities. The organisation is especially concerned at the high number of domestic violence deaths that occur each year through homicide and suicide.


Students initially wanted to raise money to buy the bench, but given the cost, came to an agreement that the College would pay for half of the bench, and the students contribute to the other half – with many students contributing considerably more than the required amount to support the worthy cause.

Betty Taylor and Karen Spiller

Founder and Managing Director of the Red Rose Foundation Betty Taylor says the Red Rose Foundation’s Red Bench Project was launched in 2019 to build a permanent reminder that domestic violence occurs within all of our communities.

“The presence of a Red Bench in a public location aims to raise public awareness and provide an opportunity for this important issue to remain visible,” she says.


“It is Red Rose Foundation’s aim to have at least one Red Bench in every local government area in Queensland, with each carrying a plaque. The first of the Red Benches was unveiled on the 15th of May, 2019 in Cleveland by Redland’s Mayor, Karen Williams.


“The Red Bench in Cleveland is the first of many across Queensland. There are now close to 300 Red Benches from local government, State government and community groups.


“The Red Rose Foundation also acknowledges that tragically, many domestic violence related deaths have many predictive elements and are largely considered preventable.


“The Red Rose Foundation is urging local and State government and other community groups to paint one existing public bench red, arrange and pay for the cost of the metal plaque with the wording: Domestic Violence: Let’s Change The Ending.

Anyone interested to support the incredible work of the Red Rose Foundation and its Red Bench initiative can visit the Red Rose Foundation website for more information about how to get involved:

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