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by | Nov 23, 2021 | Community, Events

Sewing Lair to host new Cre8 program for local Logan teens

Credit: The Sewing Lair

MNF speaks with Rachael Burdett, Program Coordinator of the new local program Cre8.

Beenleigh-based organisation The Sewing Lair, which is a community hub run by Sewing for Charity Australia, will soon be launching a new program aimed at local teens.

Rachael Burdett, Program Coordinator of the new program Cre8, says the youth-focused program was born out of the need for a local teen social group.

“The sewing lair is…essentially a lot of people spending time sewing bits and pieces, and sending them off to charities across the country and internationally,” she says.


“They’ve supported a host of projects such the yarn bombing activity at the Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre.”

Yarn bombing, also known as guerrilla knitting, is a type of street art in yarn or fibre that adorns everyday objects with colourful knit or crochet panels.

“Cr8 is a social group for young people aged 12 to 17 – high-school aged young people – and we started that up because I noticed there was a gap around town,” Rachael says.


“[About four months ago] I noticed a lot of youth groups are church-based, which isn’t always accessible for everyone, or a formal youth program that’s intervention-based, but there didn’t seem to be any social groups for teens.


“The Sewing Lair already had a kids club for primary aged children, they had adult activities and classes, but they didn’t have anything for young people.

Rachael says all teens are welcome to the new Cre8 program.

“We welcome any young person aged 12 to 17 regardless of gender identity, disability status, cultural background, or social background, anyone that wants to come hang out and wants to make some fun arts and crafts are welcome,” she says.

The Cre8 launch party will give parents, teens and community members the opportunity to view sample projects, tour the Sewing Lair and make inquiries for future bookings.
Activities will vary each session and will include projects such as art journaling, painting, sewing, drawing, jewellery making, papercraft and more.
The sessions are free of charge to attendees. To find out more email or check The Sewing Lair out on their socials.

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