Jul 21, 2021 | Community, Health, Political

Woodridge MP: Clive Palmer’s “Disgraceful” act

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Clive Palmer – pic 7News

The State MP for Woodridge has weighed in on Clive Palmer’s anti-vaccination propaganda drive.

Described as flyers containing misinformation, Mr Palmer has provided his own information about COVID-19 vaccines which have been landing  in letterboxes in parts of the New England electorate in New South Wales as well as Sydney and rural Victoria.

Mr Palmer’s black and yellow flyers are labelled “URGENT COMMUNICATION – open sealed section to view!”

Woodridge MP/Treasurer Cameron Dick

Cameron Dick has taken to social media to show his outrage at the move.

On twitter,  he’s described the letters as “Disgraceful”.

The flyers contain information based on a misrepresentation of data collected by the Therapeutic Goods Administration about deaths of people who were recently vaccinated.

In his letter, Mr Palmer says that while he supported the use of vaccines he’s very concerned by the use of this vaccine on the general population.

Mr Palmer’s spokesman Andrew Crook has refused to comment on the flyers.

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