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by | Jul 24, 2021 | Health

A proud day for Logan vaccination clinic teams

The Logan Hospital Vaccination Clinic closed its doors last week marking the end of a huge undertaking as operations moved to the Logan Entertainment Centre. The clinic opened in March and has delivered just shy of 15,000 vaccinations to staff and the community.

Executive Director Noelle Cridland thanked everyone for the extraordinary enthusiasm and effort of those involved during a celebration on Friday.

She said the team of nurses, pharmacists, volunteers, administration, environmental and corporate services staff had stepped forward and put in a huge amount of work which had made it an incredible success.

“I am extremely grateful,” she said.

“Each of you has represented yourselves, our hospital and your professions so well and that’s why we were able to deliver the number of vaccinations that we did.

“It’s a wonderful achievement.”

Vaccination Clinic Site Lead Emily Smith said she also wanted to thank the teams, many of whom were new nursing graduates, for their dedication and the incredible amount of work put in over the last several months.

She said to have been part of delivering a new vaccine during a worldwide pandemic was something unique and special.

“Thank you to everyone, from our amazing volunteers who have walked miles and miles every day to our pharmacy colleagues and clinical staff – everyone should be so proud of what we have done,” she said.

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