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by | May 26, 2022 | Community, Political, Social

Cost of Living rebate on your next power bill

Queenslanders will receive a $175 Cost of Living Rebate on their next power bill.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says rising fuel and grocery prices were taking a toll especially on those on low incomes.

“People are having to make difficult choices including going without. 


‘The $175 Cost of Living Rebate will make life just that little bit easier and brings to $575 the dividends Queenslanders have received over the past four years.


“In February we announced Queensland households would receive $50 off their power bills later this year because Queenslanders own their power assets – the generators, the transmission and the distribution.


“With wholesale prices going up due to global instability, we have moved to raise it to $175 because we know the pressure Queenslanders face.


“Electricity providers will automatically apply the credit, so Queenslanders don’t have to apply.


“It will mean total rebates to households of $575 over the past four years.”

Minister for Energy and Springwood MP Mick de Brenni says the $175 Cost of Living Rebate has been increased to take into account rising wholesale electricity prices driven by a combination of global factors.

Minister de Brenni says the Queensland Government is also investing more than $2 billion to supercharge renewable energy supply and significant battery storage to produce cheaper, cleaner energy but has gone it alone for years.

“The Australian Energy Regulator has this morning pointed out a combination of high peak demand and the impact of the invasion of Ukraine on gas prices have together resulted in a forecast increase in power bills of over 11 per cent.

“We’re working hard to keep downward pressure on prices because every dollar counts right now for Queensland households.”

Shadow Minister for energy Pat Weir says the rebate is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. 

“Queenslanders are facing record bills for electricity with the independent watchdog recommending another increase.


“The Queensland Competition Authority report found that rises of up to 13.4% (or an increase of $42,939 a year) for a typical large business customer and 6.5% (up $94 a year) for a residential customer was inevitable.


“The Premier must explain how her government will ease cost of living pressures for all Queenslanders in the long term.


“This so-called rebate is typical of this government, which is only focused on how things look, not how things actually are.


“If the government was genuine about its pledges, it would outline its plan to reduce power prices in the long term.”


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