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by | May 25, 2022 | Business, Community, Political, Social

Council investigates ambitious plan to develop Logan’s ‘Silicon Valley’

An ambitious plan to develop the City of Logan’s version of California’s Silicon Valley will aim to attract leading and start-up technology and research businesses.

The proposed precinct, adjacent to the Logan and Kingston roads intersection, has proximity to the M1 and the South East Busway extension.

The precinct would house a range of cutting-edge industries including aeronautical engineering, biotechnology industries, medical laboratories, computer component manufacturing, computer server facilities, energy industries

The area is already home to edu-tech giant Go1 – where, every three seconds, someone in the world accesses one of their online training programs – and Council’s EcoLab Growth Hub for emerging entrepreneurs.

Economic Development Chair, Councillor Jon Raven says the precinct has the potential to  offer high-end salaries and contract work for City of Logan workers 

“It will attract some exciting and modern employment opportunities, positioning us as a city of future jobs that are close to home for City of Logan residents.”

The proposed precinct is the next step in an investment boom over the past five years in the City of Logan, mostly in traditional industries such as logistics and manufacturing.

Division 3 Councillor, Mindy Russell, says the facility would benefit residents and those from outside the area.

“It will provide high-paying employment opportunities close to home for those nearby, and new customers for existing businesses in the precinct.”

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