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by | May 25, 2022 | Community, Political, Regional

Eagleby group calls for hold on Second M1

An Eagleby environmental group says the Second M1 needs to go back to the drawing board, being built before the Olympics in Brisbane. 


Officially known as the Coomera Connector, the Second M1 is a proposed state-controlled north-south road corridor between Loganholme and Nerang, east of the Pacific Motorway (M1) and the heavy train line.


The new road will be an alternative to the M1, providing more transport capacity to support the rapidly growing residential and business communities in the Logan area.


There have been recent calls for the $2 billion plus project to be built before the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane.


The Eagleby Community and Wetlands Group (ECWG) has concerns that the current proposed route of the second stage will impact on the local wetlands.


Group Chair Marilyn Goodwin says the current proposed route, won’t alleviate issues like the crash on Tuesday morning.



Mrs Goodwin says the group would support a second M1 in the right place.


“We have argued since 2019 that the currently proposed alignment is not fit for purpose.


It would feed traffic back on to the M1 at the Logan Motorway interchange not alleviate problems from there to Brisbane.


“We have suggested since then that a road further to the east that provides a connection between the Gold Coast and Redlands areas which also allows access to the current M1 makes more sense.


“That was an option put forward in the Eastern Corridor Planning Study in 1992.


“At that time the currently proposed route around Eagleby was discounted due to environmental concerns.


“Those concerns are even more important now when so much has been lost in the meantime.”


The complete gazetted corridor extends for 45km between the Logan Motorway and Pacific Motorway interchange in Loganholme and Nerang–Broadbeach Road in Nerang.


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