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by | May 26, 2022 | Community

Rain and cold snaps predicted for the Winter outlook in Logan and Scenic Rim

The Bureau of Meteorology has released the national outlook for winter, so My News Feed spoke with the BOM about what Logan and Scenic Rim locals can expect this June.
What weather is in store for Logan and Scenic Rim residents within the next four weeks in terms of average rainfall?
“On the South East, we’ve already had the floods, the soils are already wet, and unfortunately the odds are favouring a wetter than average winter and June,,” says Andrew Watkins from the BOM.
“It could come as a gradual bit of rain over the whole season, however given how wet it is, be cautious about any more big dumps of rain, the flood risk is still there [in Logan and Scenic Rim].”
Should locals expect a warmer winter in the region or if so, what temps on average should they be expecting? 
“It looks like it will be more cooler for daytime temperatures, more cloud, and won’t be as sunny as it usually is in [this] part of the world, and things won’t dry out as much as they would,” Andrew says.
“Temperatures are set to be in the low 20s, a little bit cooler than average, but nights with cloud could be a little warmer.”
Is this weather normal for the area at this time of the year?
“We’ve been seeing some severe rainfall right down the Queensland coast but it’s not that unusual for a La Nina year [which it is],” Andrew added.
“It has happened before [in the 70s], but it’s certainly not common, and hopefully we won’t see it again for some time.”
Check out the national weather outlook for winter on the BOM website here.
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