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Oct 24, 2021 | Community, Real Estate

The Great Australian Dream podcast has locals tuning in for the best property market advice

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Great Australian Dream

Local Logan radio presenter, Rob Doorey from The Breeze’s The More Music Breakfast Show, speaks with My News Feed about his popular podcast – The Great Australian Dream – that has local listeners tuning in to hear all the secrets and best advice on the property market in the current climate.

“As the name suggests, three quarters of Australia’s population own property and the rest either rent, live in government housing or share property,” Mr Doorey says. “It’s our greatest expense and it’s a hot topic, something we all discuss at some point.”
“The Great Australian Dream aims to answer some of those hard sought after questions, break down some myths, and keep you up-to-date with the latest house sales and rental figures, as well as trends in building and design.
“We talk to experts in the field, from real estate to finance to get the best advice for you.”
The podcast has been running for over a year now, and has covered a range of hot topics, from buying property for as little as $25k, to shopping for a home virtually and the relationship between greenspace and housing prices.
In the latest episode, Rob talks to Leading Commercial Property Specialist Helen Tarrant about the pros and cons of investing in commercial property
“As the residential property market continues to boom, could commercial property be a more viable option?” Rob says. “Join us for the latest episode of The Great Australian Dream Podcast as we talk to…Helen Tarrant to address some of our fears.
“[She] believes the solution for Aussies can be through commercial property.
“From humble beginnings as a migrant child with only $70 to her family’s name, [Helen] decided to start investing in commercial real estate. She quickly built a $10 million dollar empire, obtaining 20 properties in five years.”

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