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by | Jan 12, 2022 | Health, Logan

RAT kits slowly becoming more accessible across Logan

Rapid-antigen testing kits are slowly becoming more widely available across Logan City, as COVID-19 cases rise into the thousands.

The Government is promoting RAT kits as an alternative to traditional PCR testing sites, which have become overwhelmed in recent weeks. 

RAT kits are becoming available at pharmacies and across local supermarkets, however access is still limited by supply issues.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration website lists all of the approved RAT kits in Australia.

Rapid-antigen tests work by identifying whether COVID-19 proteins are present in the body. A saliva sample or nasal swab is placed in a chemical solution for rapid antigen testing.

After 10 to 15 minutes, the results are displayed.

Despite their overall efficiency, these tests have some limitations compared with the standard COVID-19 tests (PCR) used at testing clinics.

Traditional PCR tests detect genetic material from the virus, whereas a RAT detects whether viral proteins of COVID-19 are present in your body.

PCRs are still considered the most thorough of testing, with an accuracy rate above 90 per cent.

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