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by | Jan 17, 2022 | Community

Rental crisis in Logan: Beenleigh Mother and her sons on the brink of homelessness

Credit: Danni Cox

On the brink of homelessness, the situation Danni Cox and her two teenage boys are currently facing is far more common in Logan City, than you might think. 

The rental crisis for Logan is critical, and locals are feeling the pinch.

“This is happening too much to too many people,” Danni says, who has been living in Beenleigh for 20 years.


“I’ve been renting for 10 years, I’ve been able to manage quite well, but then the rental market went up during COVID.


“The property I’m at, at the moment, is $330 a week. It’s a 3 bedroom house, and that’s the highest amount I’ve paid for rent in Logan in the last 10 years.


“But unfortunately, it’s been explained to me, that owners and landlords can put up the rent by $50 a week more, and everybody has done that.”

On top of the $50 increase, the owners where Danni rents are also looking to renovate the property and increase the price of rent, even further.

“I’ve tried everything I can to stay as long as possible, but there’s nothing more I can do,” Danni says.


“I’ve been applying for places online, but I can’t even get a booking to have a viewing. People are buying the properties without even seeing them.


“There’s just not enough rentals for the amount of people that are looking.”

Chyerl Pridham from Flagstone’s DHM Realty says that migration from interstate has been a major reason rental opportunities have remained sparse.

“When we advertise for rental properties, we’re not seeing one or two people coming through, we’re seeing 20-30 people coming through,” she says.


“The problem is that they are competing with people coming up from down south, and some of them are offering 6-12 months in advance for their rent.”

It’s something Danni says she’s told frequently by different real estates – that it’s impossible to find a rental as a single income earner when competing with prospective interstate renters offering advance payments.

“For somebody like me, I’m not even getting a got in the door,” she says.


“And with only four weeks left on the lease, now I’m panicked, because if I can’t find a place, and somebody willing to take a chance on me, then I will be homeless.


“I don’t have family unfortunately, I do have friends, but they’ve got their own issues. People are struggling, it’s hard times for everyone unfortunately.”

Can you help?

If you know of a rental that would available and suitable for Danni and her two children, contact My News Feed.

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