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by | Jul 3, 2021 | Political, Regional

Building more Scenic Rim flood resistant roads and bridges

Council’s allocation of $27.1 million to the Scenic Rim’s road and bridge network in 2021-2022 represents an ongoing investment in a well-maintained, safe and interconnected transport network.

Scenic Rim Mayor Greg Christensen said Council was committed to enhancing the resilience of critical roads and bridges to improve accessibility during and after natural disaster events.

The 2021-2022 Budget provides $11.25 million for the maintenance of roads and bridges, $5.55 million for the upgrade and repair of bridges and $10.30 million for capital expenditure on roads.

“Council has a long-term strategy to replace ageing timber bridges throughout the Scenic Rim with more contemporary structures of concrete or steel to deliver a more accessible and serviced region, with safer and more flood resistant structures,” Cr Christensen said.

“Kerry Road south of Beaudesert has been identified as a road of regional significance and Council has several years of investment forward planned, including $1.8 million towards the replacement of Duck Creek Bridge on Kerry Road this financial year.

“Council officers have aligned this with priorities of all tiers of government and successfully received funding from both the Queensland Government’s Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme and the Australian Government’s Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program and its Roads to Recovery Program, to deliver a multi-million investment in road network of Kerry in the next three years.

“This will be of a significant benefit for our rural community which depends on the reliable movement of heavy vehicles and farm equipment, and the associated job creation is a key driver for our regional economy.

“We are also grateful for the co-investment from the Australian Government through the Bridge Renewal Program, which reduces the financial burden on Council’s general revenue, to replace the Flying Fox Bridge at Ferny Glen and Teese Bridge at Veresdale Scrub.

“The Teese Bridge replacement also includes funding from the Logan City Council for this important boundary structure.”

Council’s budget for roads in 2021-2022 includes capital works of:

• $3.12 million for road reseals (contribution from the South East Queensland Community Stimulus Program).

• $6.24 million for Kerry Road (contributions from the Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme, Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program, and Roads to Recovery Program).

Ward Bridge to Newman Bridge to Keaveney Bridge, Kerry Road

Seal Change to Spring Creek Bridge, Kerry Road

Duck Creek Bridge, Kerry Road

• $925,000 for minor works including minor pavement repairs, and design.

Capital works on bridges in 2021-2022 include:

• $1.67 million for Flying Fox Bridge, Ferny Glen ($3.34 million project, jointly funded by the Australian Government and Scenic Rim Regional Council)

• $1.1 million for bridge rehabilitation works

• $628,000 for major culverts and floodways

• $485,000 for Teese Bridge, Veresdale Scrub School Road ($1.7 million project, jointly funded by the Australian Government, Logan City Council and Scenic Rim Regional Council)

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