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Increased Bull Shark sightings in Logan River

There have been plenty of Bull Sharks sightings in the Logan River lately, as local anglers line the water’s edge over the festive break. 

This time of the year sees an increase in the number of large females that make their way up the river to give birth to groups of pups.

There are good numbers in the river at the moment, with a local reporting catching 11 bull sharks in one session.



Carbrook Boat Ramp Bait and Tackle Owner Tony Bartlett says you can get big numbers at times.



It comes as Carbrook Boat Ramp Bait and Tackle hosts the second Logan Bull Shark competition, which is set to wrap-up on Sunday January 9.

The competition, which will be raising proceeds for the Redlands Community Centre, has prizes for cutest shark, second cutest shark and most caught, with only sharks caught in the Logan River counted.

Mr Bartlett says the competition also serves to collect data for study and research purposes.

“All information recorded will be given to Kurt from Team MadMullet Production and Griffith University.


“The university puts monitors in the river, then tracks the bigger sharks, puts a beeper on them, so when the sharks swim past the monitor, it takes a recording of which shark swam past.


“We will be collecting data such as sizes and roughly where the sharks are caught.”

Mr Bartlett says not much is known about the Logan River Bull Sharks.

“They’re a bit of an unknown locally, we’re not too sure how many there or what they do.


“We find mainly that the pups are born up the river in the fresher water, then they start working their way down the river.


“The bigger sharks normally leave the river when they are between one and one and a half metres.


“When they are near the two metre mark, they head out to the ocean.”

If you are interested in taking part in the competition, contact Mr Bartlett on 0413 742 429.



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