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by | Jan 17, 2022 | Community

Logan’s Oz Capture Snake Relocations: if you leave snakes alone, they will leave you alone


Local snake catcher Glen Ozzie Lawrence from Oz Capture Snake Relocations is reminding locals that if you leave snakes alone, they will leave you alone.

Glen, who runs a snake relocation and injured wildlife service for the Logan area, says there’s no reason a snake would attack you in this country, unless you encroached on its territory.

“If you leave them along, they’ll leave you alone,” he says.


“If you step on it accidentally, you will get bitten, or try to pick it up you will get bittern… but those are a defensive measure.


“If you’re 8 feet away, there’s no reason you will get bitten unless you encroach on their area.

Red-bellied black snake. Credit:

Glen says despite snake sighting calls being fewer this year, there have been more sightings of the venomous red-bellied black snakes.

“It’s a little bit less than say last year…because of the weather pattern,” he says.


“Normally we see many eastern browns everyday, now we only get a couple here and there, but we have seen an increase in red-bellied black snakes because they are frog specialists. In dry summers, it’s the eastern browns we see in the morning and afternoon.”

Snakes are a protected species in Queensland and can be removed and relocated by snake catchers, like Glen, authorised under the Nature Conservation Act 1992.

According to snake catchers like Glen, keep your yard free of anything that’s likely to entice snakes, and you’re less likely to see them. But if you do, just stay still and let it go on it’s way.

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