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Pet friendly holiday location

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It is one thing to want to get away with the family for a holiday.  It’s another altogether when you have pets.  We own a pug dog named Rockie, and it was always an issue of what to do with him, who can take care of him, or do I get the family to babysit the house. Most times our youngest daughter would come, and baby-sit our home and Rockie, whilst my wife and went away. I am not sure what made me feel more guilty, that my daughter was stuck at home or the Pug was?

From my own personal experience, until recently it was impossible to find destinations that were pet friendly, and as I have just explained, it can actually stop you going on a holiday.  With this year being one out of the box, and with COVID-19, more than ever we wanted to get out of the house. My home became my office, so as you can imagine even our pug dog wanted out of the house. After doing some homework, I found such a park on The Gold Coast.  When I arrived,  I was amazed how many locals drove down the M1 to Helensvale to enjoy this holiday spot which is just a stone throw literally, from Movieworld, Wet n Wild, Paradise Country, and Outback Spectacular.

When we arrived,  I was amazed to see the number of small dogs on leads,   staying with their owners in caravans, cabins and even tents.  Really,  this park has something for every man, lady, kids, and animals. I saw families, couples, and the grey nomads with their fury friends having a ball.

So why leave your best mate behind when you go on holiday?

You can do what I did and check out the fantastic range of pet-friendly accommodation,  where you can have a holiday with all the members of the family, even the furry ones, can you believe there is over 42 hectares to run around in and over 20 dog-friendly cabins where pooch sleeps inside the cabin and lots of dog friendly sites available? And I have not told you the best bit yet, your dog stays for Free and is most welcome.

If you have more than one puppy, they can fit them and the whole family in as well.

As you can appreciate with so many guests staying all dog owners must show the paperwork and records are up to date which is the norm these days anyway.  So, after taking my wife and Rockie away, our next holiday we are planning is with our family. Make sure you reserve one of our great dog-friendly cabins that will make your stay on the Gold Coast fantastic and will ensure that you have a hassle-free break that is good for everyone. No more wondering what is going on with your little mate – bring him along!

Author: Ian Jeffery.

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