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by | Jan 16, 2022 | Health

Another jump in COVID infections for Logan and Scenic Rim

COVID-19 infections have risen again in Logan in the last 24 hours with a jump to 12,255, an increase of 854 new cases overnight.

According to the Queensland Health, which has remained static on reporting the break down of new cases, reports that 47 contracted COVID from overseas, 37 locally from someone they know, 16 from someone they don’t know, 12 from interstate and 12,143 are mystery cases.

COVID-19 cases have also risen in the Scenic Rim to 531, 67 more cases then yesterday, and again the break down in new case numbers remains the same – 4 overseas acquired, 4 locally acquired from someone they know, 3 from someone they don’t know, and 520 still remain mystery cases.

More information can be found on QLD health website.

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